5 Easy Tree Care Tips From Grandpa Alpaugh

Want your Christmas tree to stay fresh all through the holidays?

Tree Care Expert Grandpa Alpaugh from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree FarmHere are a few Tree Care Tips from Grandpa Alpaugh here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm.

1. Be sure not to let your tree freeze after cutting!  Temperatures below 32 degrees can damage the tree, so be sure to put your Christmas tree up as soon as  possible & store out of the cold until you can.

2. Cut a 1/4″ to 1/2″ off the trunk to expose fresh wood just prior to placing your tree in the stand.  Trees need to absorb  lots of water  & create a larger surface area for the tree to drink!

3. Water your tree at least once a day! You’d be surprised that lots of people skip this obvious step, but it’s easy to do!

4. Do not add anything to the water – just clean lukewarm water is best! Yep- we have that direct from our forestry expert, Grandpa Alpaugh!

5. Keep you Christmas tree from drying out so keep it away from heat sources – fireplaces, radiators, heaters & direct sunlight!

There you have it!  5 easy tree care tips from our resident forestry expert, Grandpa Alpaugh!  Enjoy!