Christmas Portraits at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!!

camera-pictogram Would you like to have a Christmas or holiday portrait done this year? We have a really exciting activity planned for everyone at Evergreen Valley this season!!!

On the weekend of December 15 &16, a local photographer, Bill Brokaw, will be at Evergreen Valley to take family photos! I know many of you wait till closer to Christmas because you wait for your children to come home from college.

Wouldn’t that be a great time to get a family photo taken??  Bill is prepared to offer us a great price on a photo package and donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.  I will post more details as the event gets closer!  For now, mark your calendars for this fun event and bring the whole family.  What better place for a family Christmas  portrait that at a Christmas Tree Farm!!

Check out Bill’s work here.


Merry Christmas from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Dear Friends:

Christmas is finally here and we wanted to send you and your family our warmest wishes for a most joyous holiday!

So many wonderful people – old friends and new – have chosen to make a live Christmas tree and a visit to our family farm a part of their holiday tradition.

We love seeing photos of your Christmas trees, beautifully decorated and twinkling with light, stars and angels.

We also appreciate your kind and generous comments about your experience here at the farm and the freshness of your tree.

It’s truly rewarding to know that our efforts as family farmers are appreciated, and that our trees bring so much joy and happiness into your home.

We hope we exceeded your expectations for great selection of Christmas trees, a family friendly atmosphere and hope you pass along your great experiences to family and friends for next year.

 Our Merry Helpers

Thanks to our merry helpers for “helping” to make Evergreen Valley shine even brighter this Christmas Season!

We know you enjoy seeing their familiar faces each year as much as we do!

Thank You & Merry Christmas!

Thank you for making Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm a success!

Our family farm is the culmination of the efforts of 3 generations of the Alpaugh Family, and we would not succeed without your support.

From all of us here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tree Tip: Grandpa’s Christmas Tree Air Freshener!

Nothing smells better that a fresh Christmas tree!

And if you want to preserve or enhance that smell – here’s a quick tree tip from Grandpa Alpaugh!

Christmas Tree Air Freshener


1.  Snip a small brand or a few twigs from an area of the tree that won’t be noticed

2.  Crush the pine needles & twigs

3. Stuff inside a piece of pantyhose & tie inside the tree!


Boy is that a fresh evergreen smell!  Enjoy!  See you here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

Forget The Mall! Come Get Your Christmas Tree!

Time is getting short but the good news is that you still have time to come out to Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm for the best Christmas tree ever!

You’ll have lots of fun and enjoy a scenic wagon ride through our acres of 10,000 Christmas trees!  Not to mention, we’re serving up FREE hot chocolate all weekend long.

Want proof?  Here’ a fun video greeting from the Schmidt Family:

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Now forget the mall and come to Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree farm in Washington, NJ!

What are you waiting for – Christmas? 🙂

FREE Hot Chocolate All Weekend!

Did you know that shopping for a Christmas tree is even more fun when it comes with FREE hot chocolate!  We’re serving up free hot chocolate all day Saturday & Sunday!

It’s the last big weekend before Christmas, and here at Evergreen valley Christmas Tree Farm, that means the mood is even more festive.

We know that plenty of folks still haven’t found their Christmas tree, but it’s our “humble” opinion that once you see our Christmas trees, you agree they are the best!

After all, Evergreen Valley has been named a Top 5 Christmas Tree farm.

So bring your friends, and family, or that special someone, and your Christmas spirit and  come on out to the farm.

We’ll take you for a wagon ride to see our more than 10,000 Christmas trees, and after you find yours, have a cup of tasty hot chocolate on us!

See you here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

How To Make A Christmas Tradition

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions – seasonal rituals that very often begin with picking the perfect Christmas tree.

And when you think about it, Christmas tree shopping is really about more than the tree itself.

It’s about taking time to be together, driving out to our  farm.

It’s about the excitement and anticipation of finding the perfect tree.

It’s about breathing in crisp clean air, scented with fresh pine.

It’ about making friends with strangers on the wagon rides.

It’s about watching children run freely through the fields, giggling as they go!

And when you get home and decorate the tree, you’ll remember your time here at the farm.

The when you sit back, presents all wrapped under the tree, you’ll breathe in the scent of fresh pine and remember the farm.

You’ll probably take pictures of your Christmas tree, and share them with friend sand family, and remember where you got the tree.

It’s more than memories, though.  It’s the feeling you get when you think about where and how you found your Christmas tree.

That’s why people come back to the farm, year after year – and make getting a Christmas tree here an important part of their Christmas tradition.

Here’s a photo of from our FaceBook friend & customer, Marisa – who brought her son to pick out his very first Christmas tree!

So thanks, Christmas tree lovers!  We’re so happy you chose Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

Opening Weekend Brings Lots Of Friends To Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Wow – what a great Opening Day at Evergreen Valley Christmas tree Farm!  We saw so many friends, old and new & many of our FaceBook friends came to visit too! (Hey – that rhymes :-))

TEvergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm 2011 Opening Day!he weather was great for a farm visit – the sun was shining & the temperature got to a balmy 65 degrees!

The smell of fresh-cut Christmas trees in the cool air and the Christmas music makes it feel like Christmas is almost here.

Best of all is the happiness we see on the faces of our friends and customers after finding the perfect Christmas tree and spending the day together at the farm.

We love making people happy!

The festivities continue all weekend long, and so does the sunshine here in North Jersey.

We’re open 9 AM to 4 PM – so come on out to Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm and find our perfect Christmas tree!