Christmas Tree Questions? Ask Farmer Andy – LIVE!

Got questions about Christmas Trees?  We’ve got you covered!

Tree Care Expert Grandpa Alpaugh from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree FarmJoin Christmas Tree Farmer Andy Alpaugh for a FREE TELESEMINAR – when he’ll answer your questions LIVE!

WHAT: Ask The Christmas Tree Farmer LIVE TELESEMINAR

DATE:  Thursday, December 6th, 2012



Visitors and callers have lots of questions  about live Christmas Trees – before, during or after they visit us at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm.

Now there’s an opportunity to chat with you about Christmas Trees and answer your Christmas Tree Questions!

For instance –

  •   What type of Christmas Tree is the BEST Christmas Tree?
  •   Are there any kid-friendly Christmas Trees?
  •   What’s the SECRET FORMULA for keeping my Christmas Tree fresh?
  •   And more!
  •   Ask your OWN QUESTIONS – live!


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Last Minute Christmas Tree Shoppers Have Options

Desperately seeking a Christmas tree?  If you’re a last minute shopper who planned on coming to a Christmas tree farm – but somehow never made it – don’t despair!

How To Care for your Christmas Tree from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree FarmWhile we’re coming down the home stretch, there are options, like Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm in Warren County, New Jersey.

Evergreen Valley is open right up though Friday, December 23rd.

Believe it or not – there is still time to make magical memories – so come on out to Evergreen Valley!


FREE Hot Chocolate All Weekend!

Did you know that shopping for a Christmas tree is even more fun when it comes with FREE hot chocolate!  We’re serving up free hot chocolate all day Saturday & Sunday!

It’s the last big weekend before Christmas, and here at Evergreen valley Christmas Tree Farm, that means the mood is even more festive.

We know that plenty of folks still haven’t found their Christmas tree, but it’s our “humble” opinion that once you see our Christmas trees, you agree they are the best!

After all, Evergreen Valley has been named a Top 5 Christmas Tree farm.

So bring your friends, and family, or that special someone, and your Christmas spirit and  come on out to the farm.

We’ll take you for a wagon ride to see our more than 10,000 Christmas trees, and after you find yours, have a cup of tasty hot chocolate on us!

See you here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

5 Easy Tree Care Tips From Grandpa Alpaugh

Want your Christmas tree to stay fresh all through the holidays?

Tree Care Expert Grandpa Alpaugh from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree FarmHere are a few Tree Care Tips from Grandpa Alpaugh here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm.

1. Be sure not to let your tree freeze after cutting!  Temperatures below 32 degrees can damage the tree, so be sure to put your Christmas tree up as soon as  possible & store out of the cold until you can.

2. Cut a 1/4″ to 1/2″ off the trunk to expose fresh wood just prior to placing your tree in the stand.  Trees need to absorb  lots of water  & create a larger surface area for the tree to drink!

3. Water your tree at least once a day! You’d be surprised that lots of people skip this obvious step, but it’s easy to do!

4. Do not add anything to the water – just clean lukewarm water is best! Yep- we have that direct from our forestry expert, Grandpa Alpaugh!

5. Keep you Christmas tree from drying out so keep it away from heat sources – fireplaces, radiators, heaters & direct sunlight!

There you have it!  5 easy tree care tips from our resident forestry expert, Grandpa Alpaugh!  Enjoy!

How To Make A Christmas Tradition

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions – seasonal rituals that very often begin with picking the perfect Christmas tree.

And when you think about it, Christmas tree shopping is really about more than the tree itself.

It’s about taking time to be together, driving out to our  farm.

It’s about the excitement and anticipation of finding the perfect tree.

It’s about breathing in crisp clean air, scented with fresh pine.

It’ about making friends with strangers on the wagon rides.

It’s about watching children run freely through the fields, giggling as they go!

And when you get home and decorate the tree, you’ll remember your time here at the farm.

The when you sit back, presents all wrapped under the tree, you’ll breathe in the scent of fresh pine and remember the farm.

You’ll probably take pictures of your Christmas tree, and share them with friend sand family, and remember where you got the tree.

It’s more than memories, though.  It’s the feeling you get when you think about where and how you found your Christmas tree.

That’s why people come back to the farm, year after year – and make getting a Christmas tree here an important part of their Christmas tradition.

Here’s a photo of from our FaceBook friend & customer, Marisa – who brought her son to pick out his very first Christmas tree!

So thanks, Christmas tree lovers!  We’re so happy you chose Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

Hungry Shoppers Dig Howling Dog Hot Dogs!

Farm visitors can really work up an appetite from Christmas tree shopping here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm.

Before you know it – your tummy may be growling – or even howling for food!

That’s why we’ve invited The Howling Dog to be our on-site food vendor here at Evergreen Valley. Can we say YUM!

The Howling Dog serves up all kinds of dogs – fresh before your eyes – and toppings too!

This tasty food truck has a menu that includes:

  • Classic Hot Dogs!
  • Chili Dogs!
  • Cheese Dogs!
  • Chili-n-Cheese Dogs!
  • Sauerkraut, Red Onion Sauce & Raw Onions, Too!

The Howling Dog serves up all manner of snacks & tasty beverages, so yummy in the tummy!

Now, hungry Christmas tree shoppers can dig in to a great hot dog here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

Shop LOCAL Christmas Tree Farms!

Here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm, we’re grateful that you are “Shopping Local” this Christmas, including “shopping local” for Christmas trees!

Thank you for supporting local businesses like our farm that help keep local economies going.

Farm visitors ask about our farm – wanting to know if we are “corporate”.’

To answer that question, Evergreen Valley is a family-owned farm – and a farm that has 3 generations of family members that keep us operational!

Here’s a photo of our littlest farmers hard at work!

And in addition, as a small, local business, our family farm employs about 25 local people.

Our wagon drivers, cutters, and balers are all locals, including some students from local schools!

Thanks again for supporting small businesses like ours, and supporting local, family farms!

Come visit Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm soon!

FREE Wildlife Shows Sat. 12/10/2011

Want to see something AMAZING? We have two ‘Eyes of the Wild” shows this Saturday at Evergreen Valley: 12:00 noon and 1:30 PM!

Experience real wildlife UP CLOSE! For both kids AND grownups, this is truly a rare opportunity to meet expert wildlife educator Travis Gale with his assortment of live animals – rescued from the wild!

Travis is a field biologist with a funny bone who makes learning about wildlife fun and exciting!  Travis made such a hit last year with his ‘Eyes of the Wild” show, people wanted more, more, more!

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind wildlife edutainment event here at Evergreen Valley!

Christmas Trees Head To Fort Stewart, GA

A special “Thank You!” from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm to all our friends and customers for helping to support our Trees For Troops initiative!

Trees For Troops is co-sponsored by local farmers, the Christmas Spirit Foundation, and FedEx.

Thanks to all of you, a truck full of Christmas trees is on its way to Fort Stewart in Georgia – helping to brighten Christmas for military families, who give so very much in the service to our country.

We also want to thank our fellow Christmas Tree farmers for participating and supporting this annual event!

Also on the truck were 5 trees from Woodsedge Farm and 20 trees from Wycoff’s Tree Farm!

A FULL LOAD of 250 Christmas trees are on the truck – so full that we couldn’t squeeze one more tree on (we tried)!

Fort Stewart, Georgia – Christmas is on the way!

Thanks again to everyone for their support of Trees for Troops here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

Official Trees For Troops Weekend Today & Tomorrow, Dec. 3rd & 4th

Hey Everybody! The big Trees For Troops Weekend officially kicks off TODAY!

Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm is proud to be one of the official Trees For Troops farms this year, an initiative co-sponsored by FedEx and the Christmas Spirit Foundation.

While our service men & women are deployed here and around the world, many families are missing moms and dads – which is especially hard during the holidays.

Our mission at Evergreen Valley is to help brighten the Christmas season for military families through Trees For Troops.

How Can You Help?

Supporting this worthy cause may be one of the most meaningful donations your family can make this Christmas.

For just $30, you can buy a ticket to purchase a tree for our service men and women, and fill out a gift tag to send a personal note to one of the military families that will travel with your tree.

The trees are cut, we’ll load the truck & Christmas trees for military families are ready to roll courtesy of FedEx!

It’s really simple and your small gesture can make a BIG difference.

Stop by the Trees For Troops table & learn how you can help!

All of us here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm truly appreciate your support for our troops!