Christmas Trees Head To Fort Stewart, GA

A special “Thank You!” from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm to all our friends and customers for helping to support our Trees For Troops initiative!

Trees For Troops is co-sponsored by local farmers, the Christmas Spirit Foundation, and FedEx.

Thanks to all of you, a truck full of Christmas trees is on its way to Fort Stewart in Georgia – helping to brighten Christmas for military families, who give so very much in the service to our country.

We also want to thank our fellow Christmas Tree farmers for participating and supporting this annual event!

Also on the truck were 5 trees from Woodsedge Farm and 20 trees from Wycoff’s Tree Farm!

A FULL LOAD of 250 Christmas trees are on the truck – so full that we couldn’t squeeze one more tree on (we tried)!

Fort Stewart, Georgia – Christmas is on the way!

Thanks again to everyone for their support of Trees for Troops here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!

Trees For Troops Update!

While our official Trees For Troops weekend is December 3rd & 4th, we are making progress towards our Trees for Troops goal of 200 trees to fill the trailer!

Farm visitors are so excited about helping our military families that we already have 21 supporters who have purchased trees so far!!

We also thank everyone who made contributions to be pooled for more trees for military families.

We really hope to make our goal of 200 by next Sunday to show our thanks and special support for military families at this time of year. THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

Trees For Troops Weekend – Dec. 3rd & 4th, 2011

We’re hosting a Trees for Troops weekend here at the farm on December 3rd & 4th, and we hope all of you will come out to support our military families through this program.

Trees for Troops is a program sponsored by the Christmas Spirit Foundation and seeks donations of Christmas trees from local farms to deliver to the families of service men and women across the country (and sometimes overseas).

On the first weekend in December, a FedEx truck will be parked at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm to collect donated trees. For $30, you can buy a ticket to purchase a tree for our service men and women, and we will cut the trees and fill the truck on Monday morning. At least 200 trees will go to the troops regardless of how many are sold and your donation could help fill the truck – it holds up to 300 trees!

At a time of year when many families are missing moms and dads, this is an important donation your family can make.

At the time of your donation, you can also fill out a gift tag to send a personal note to one of these families that will travel with your tree.

Check out the link below for more information on Trees for Troops.

We thank you in advance for your generous support!