Our Trees

Welcome to Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm – where you can choose and cut your own fresh Christmas tree from one of the largest selections of Christmas Trees in the tri-state area! Just take a wander through our fields and  you’ll be sure to find the perfect Christmas tree!  We have over 10,000 Christmas trees waiting for you.  We are opening a new field this year full of Norway spruce, blue spruce and Douglas-fir!  We will also have some pre-cut Fraser fir in the field this year!

Evergreen Valley has 10,000 Beautiful Christmas Trees!

When you visit our family farm, take a scenic wagon ride (free, of course)  around the farm and to the fields where you will find your perfect Christmas tree.

Types of Christmas Trees & Prices

The types of Christmas Trees you will find here at Evergreen Valley include:

  • Douglas Fir – $65                                                                                         New field to 6.5 ft,   old field a few to 9 ft

  • Fraser Fir – $78                                                                                             To 8 ft

  •       Concolor Fir –  $78  *limited supply ** sold out!

  • Canaan Fir – $78                                                                                          To 7.5 ft

  • White Pine – $ 35                                                                                          To 16 ft

  • Scotch Pine – * None available this year

  • Blue Spruce – $55                                                                                         New field to 6 ft,  old field to 10 ft

  • Norway Spruce – $55                                                                                  New field to 7 ft, old field to 12 ft


Our Christmas trees are priced by species – not size – which means our trees are very affordable.   That’s because Christmas trees are a long-lived crop that take 7-12 years before becoming that perfect Christmas tree.  Please note:  this means that a 3ft tree costs the same as a 10ft tree.  If you cut a 3 ft tree, you will be charged the same price.

Some species grow faster and are easier to take care of than others. Other species require more care and attention and grow more slowly.   Our  consumer-friendly pricing reflects these considerations and NJ 6.875% sales tax is already included!

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  For your convenience, we accept cash or credit cards. We do NOT accept checks.


Christmas Tree Photos

Have a closer look at the beauty of our Christmas trees!  Each species is pictured below, along with a close-up of their branches.

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree FarmBlue Spruce Branch from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Canaan Fir

Canaan Fir Branch -Christmas Tree from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Concolor Fir  *Sold out *

Concolor Fir Christmas Tree from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm


Douglas Fir Christmas Tree from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree FarmDouglas Fir Christmas Tree from Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Fraser Fir

Norway Spruce

Scotch Pine  *We do not have any Scotch Pine this year. *

White Pine

Imagine one  of our fresh trees  as your Christmas tree!  Nothing matches the beauty of a real Christmas tree!


Friendly & Courteous Staff

When you find your perfect Christmas tree, our friendly staff will cut it for you.  You can carry it back to the main area, if you wish,  or we will take it for you.

As a courtesy to our customers, you can have your tree gift wrapped if you want – that means it will be wrapped in netting to make it smaller and a little easier to carry. Netting services are $2 extra.  Please let your tree cutter know if you want your tree wrapped or not.


Beautiful Christmas Wreaths – So Fresh!

While you’re here, be sure to check out our selection of beautiful and fresh hand-made wreaths!  This year, our wreaths are coming from a local manufacturer.  There is no white pine roping this year.


Tree Stands

This year, we will also offer PIN stands.  We can drill the trunk for you and when you get home, just set the tree on the pin.  No screws, no straightening, no leveling!! What could be simpler!  There will be 3 sizes to accommodate many sizes of tree.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not provide saws. If you want to cut your own tree, you may bring a hand saw. Absolutely no chain saws please.

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