Family Events at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Family Christmas Tree

We have a weekend full of family fun!! Eyes of the Wild will be with us on Saturday from noon until about 2:30 and on Sunday at noon.   Check out their website at

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend and helping you find your perfect tree!!

FARM CONDITIONS:  Due to last week’s snow and Friday’s rain, the farm is very muddy.  Please wear the appropriate gear for being outside in the wet and cold weather.  Sturdy boots and winter coats.  We will have a few tents up for shelter while you are waiting.  The “hayride” wagon will be running on a limited schedule due to the ruts in the roads.   Also, when you bring home a wet tree, remember that hot air will dry it out, so leave it in the garage in a bucket of water to dry for a few days.  Do not put your tree in front of a heater or air vent to dry it faster.  This could severely dry the tree out and cause it to loose it’s needles more quickly than normal.