End of 2017

To all of our valued customers, Thank you for making Evergreen Valley part of your family tradition!  We appreciate you bringing family and friends along to share your traditions.  We hope our farm experience brought you great memories along with a beautiful tree!  Merry Christmas!!

New Rule on Dogs

Hi everyone! Important message from EVCTF.

This year (2017), we have decided that we cannot allow dogs on the farm. We have had so many problems with people not being responsible owners, that, sadly, we have to ask you all to leave your dogs at home this year. Too many people refuse to leash their dogs, HOLD the leash, dispose of poop properly (that does not mean throw the plastic bag under the nearest tree!!) -and a person was bit last year.

We are sad to have to make this a new rule, but it is necessary so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience at our farm. Signs will be posted to remind people that dogs must be left in the car if they come. Thanks for your understanding.

On a happier note, we are looking forward to opening day this year – November 24th- the day after Thanksgiving!

Check our Facebook page for updates and farm conditions.

Ceremonial Tree Cutting

Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm won first place in the NJ State Christmas Tree Contest this past August.  As a result, we hosted the Secretary of Agriculture, the Warren County Freeholders, representatives from Governor Christie’s office and members of the Dept of Agriculture as well as other growers at a ceremony on November 28th.  Click here to read an article on the ceremony.


If you have a dog…

Hi everyone – – sorry to say we are having dog trouble again.  One of our tree cutters got bit today by a dog.   This has to be the last post. We would hate to forbid dogs, but you MUST keep your dog on a least. You MUST hold the leash in your hand and you MUST keep your dog near you (not on a 10ft retractable leash!).  The farm environment is strange and scary for them and even a dog that you say is super friendly can be unpredictable around the sound of tractors and chain saws.  We would prefer you leave your dog home, but if you cannot, please strictly follow the rules.  If it happens again, dogs will be prohibited.

Snow, snow, snow and trees!

We had a very little taste of winter this weekend.  A dusting of snow covered the ground here Sunday morning.  Just enough to give the trees a little coating and make them very wintery and pretty, then the wind blew it all away!  There is supposed to be a mix of rain and snow on Thursday (we are crossing our fingers that the weather men are wrong on this one!)  If it does, be sure to wear your boots and winter coats.  It can get pretty muddy with just a little rain.  We are excited to open several new fields this year and we have some fresh pre-cut trees available in the back with the Fraser firs.  They are beautiful and ready to go.  We are excited to welcome our first groups on Friday!  Santa will be here from 10-2:00 this weekend.

Opening Day 2016

Evergreen Valley is ready for opening day 2016.  The final preparations are going on this weekend.  We have spoken to Santa and he has inspected our trees to assure us that they will each be the proper sizes and have enough room for gifts underneath!  We have several great changes in store this year beginning with some pre-cut Fraser firs that you will see near the parking area.  We have also opened several new fields this year.  Our white pines are enormous, so if you are looking for a huge, beautiful, green tree, they are the way to go. We will still have our wagon to transport your to the top of the hill in luxury!

A few reminders:  All dogs MUST be on a leash – that is held in your hand!!  We will have local crafters on several days this season.  Eyes of the Wild will be her on the 11th.  We will have hot food and drinks available on weekends.  As always, there will be lots of people here to help and guide you in your search for the perfect tree!

We can’t wait to see you!  Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dogs on the Farm!

After this weekend, it has come to our attention that everyone needs a few dog reminders!  We currently allow dogs on the farm, but please keep these things in mind:  1)  Not everyone likes dogs, so please keep your dogs on a short leash and don’t let them approach other people – especially children.  2)  Dogs should not be under the tents by the tree pick-up area.  3)  CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG!!!  YOU WOULD NOT WANT YOUR TREE DRUG THROUGH POOP!!!

We want everyone to have a great experience at our farm, but if dogs are not well controlled by their owners, they should not be on the farm.

Opening Day

Another opening day here at Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm!!  It is so much fun to see families who have been with us every year for the last 6 years!  All the babies are getting so big!!  We think most of the changes have made your experience better.  Please feel free to send us an email to let us know if you found the new configuration helpful.  We have added a second pay window to speed your service, we have added a second Howie baler to speed the tree wrapping time and we have added another tree wagon to lessen the time it takes for trees to return to the barn.  We also have a new hot dog truck this year.  Donna and Bob with the Howlin’ Dog have retired.  We now have Barbara and Mike with the Hot Jimmy’s truck – hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage!! Yum!! See you soon!

Christmas is Coming!

At Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm, we are about Christmas all  year long!  We have been planting, shearing, spraying and checking on our trees so they will be ready for you.  Christmas is less than 4 months away.

End of the Season for Evergreen Valley

Well everyone, it looks like today was the closing day for Evergreen Valley this season.  Weather forecasters are predicting heavy rain and freezing rain for Tuesday, so we will be closed on Tuesday the 23rd.  We want to thank all of our friends, family and employees for all their help and hard work this season.  They help to make sure your Christmas tree search is the best family experience possible.  We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.  Please look out for our closing newsletter to come to your in-box soon.