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Got Questions?  Contact us here at Evergreen Valley – but be sure to read our Farm FAQ’s too!

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What Are Your Hours?

We are open every day except Monday from 9 – 4. Please check the website for information on weather closings.

Pets (1)

Can We Bring Our Dog?

The answer is no.

In order to create a comfortable and safe environment for for all of our customers, we have to require that all dogs be left at home. We know that some of you will be upset by this rule, but it is necessary.  If a dog does come to the farm, it must be left in the car- you will be asked to return the dog to the car if it is out.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Saws (1)

Can I Bring A Saw?

Yes- you may bring your own saw if you wish, but it must be a hand-saw.  We do not allow chain saws or any other type of motorized saw.

We offer the free use of our saws if you want to cut your own tree, OR one of our helpers can cut the tree for you!

Trees (2)

How Much Do Your Trees Cost?

Our trees are priced by the species, not by size.  In other words, a 6 foot blue spruce  costs the same as an 8 foot blue spruce.  Click this link to go to “Our Trees” page to see the price list:

How Big Are Your Trees?

Most of the tree species are up to 11 feet tall.  If you are looking for something taller, you can walk through our white pine and Scotch pine; some of the pines may be 14 feet.  If you are persistent, you may even find a Norway, White or Scotch that’s 15 ft in there.


Contact Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm in Washington, New Jersey(p)   1-908-835-0557
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