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Thanksgiving Day!

Wow!  We didn’t really believe the reports that this was going to be a rough winter, but snow before Thanksgiving…!!!  That’s not a good sign of what may be to come.

Here at Evergreen Valley, we are ready!  We are here to help you start the Christmas season no matter what the weather is doing!  Our trees look more beautiful than ever and the snow will just add to the experience you will have with your family.  Remember to dress the kids in snow suits because who can resist flopping down in the snow!!  Wear your snow boots!! (No, not the sparkly Uggs!!)

We have a great view, eager tree cutters and lots of warm drinks waiting for you here at Evergreen Valley to help you get your Christmas season off to the best start.

Enjoy the turkey and trimmings today and come walk off those extra calories tomorrow looking for your perfect tree!

2014 Christmas Season

We have so much planned for this Christmas season!!  The farm will look a little different this year if you have been with us for several years.  We have cleared out many of the white pines and Scotch pines.  They were getting so big we couldn’t even shear them any more!!  Don’t worry, we planted more.  This year, we have some white pines up to 14 ft and other varieties up to 12 feet.  Santa will be visiting on the weekends and Eyes of the Wild will be coming on the 6th!  Please join us for Travis Gale’s very entertaining and informative animal show.  Check back for updates or visit us on FaceBook!!  See you soon!!